The Voice

This year I watched "The Voice" for the first time and got hooked. It was fascinating to watch the singers progress through the season as they competed for the title of THE Voice, a recording contract, and other perks of winning the singing competition. They each had a story of struggles, and a common goal to have people hear and appreciate their voice. 

We all have the desire to have our voice heard. How many times have you felt frustrated because your spouse, family member or friend did not seem to really "hear" what you were saying? You may find yourself repeating yourself, saying the same thing a different way, or raising your voice in an attempt to be understood. 

Attempting to have others "hear" us is not the only problem. Sometimes, we are so busy with life - raising children, working, household tasks, rushing around from here to there - that we lose the ability to hear our own voice!  Have you ever wondered if you have lost sight of what is important to you; your goals, dreams, what brings you joy?  If so, perhaps its time to step back a bit from the daily grind and be still, meditate, enjoy nature.  Create space in life to find your voice again. Get to know yourself again, or maybe even for the first time.  As your "voice" grows stronger, it will be easier for others to really hear and appreciate, too.