Comfort Zone

Winter weather visited Tennessee with ice and snow in February and March.  Seemed like the whole city shut down, with road closures, closed schools and local news updating the forecasts constantly. I noticed something about myself, though, in both instances.  I looked out my door and if there was still snow and ice in my little section of the world, I tended to stay in, fearful of venturing out.  Eventually I did have to leave my safe home and neighborhood and was surprised to see how clear the roads actually were!  My neighborhood roads, with less traffic and shaded by trees, had not melted and made me assume that they reflected the conditions beyond.  How often does that attitude play out in other areas of my life?  Staying in my comfort zone may lessen my fear, but also prevents me from seeing the bigger picture, missing opportunities for personal growth and enriching my life.  Can anybody relate?  What is helpful for you when you find yourself in the same boat?